Invasion! E.L.A. is a young girl in love back in home planet Earth. But the power of her love is too big to be limited to solely one being. An extremely bizarre love triangle unravels an invasion of epic proportions, and E.L.A. is set on an adventure to save planet Earth from the evil claws of Havra the Merciless!! Will she succeed on such risky endeavor? What´s the secret weapon that will help her defend us all from utter evilness and total destruction? It´s up to us to find out, on this high-paced special-effects driven adventure ride through space, low compression rates, pixels and love.

“E.L.A. in Love at First Byte” – Short Film
Starring: Paula Kohan, Emanuel Zaldua
Narrated by: Sid Whatley

Directors: Fernando Sarmiento, J.F. Mackeprang and Federico Quiros
Executive Producers: Fernando Sarmiento, Federico Quiros
VFX Supervisors: Flavio Bianchi, Federico Quiros, Fernando Sarmiento
Creative Consultants: Tomas Garcia, Alejandro Sarmiento
Music by: PULL ( pullpullpull.com )
Edited by: J.F. Mackeprang

Official website: peppermelon.tv

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