I have been approached lately by a lot of people from different industries who want to get something posted here to help promote themselves or their business and I have been careful not to post anything that is up to snuff or that I don’t think is worthwhile or meaningful. That said, I spent some time deciding whether or not I wanted to write about Everything is Yellow or not. Guilherme Cunha, whom you will see speaking on the website just as soon as you click the link, has been directly corresponding with me off and on for the last few weeks and is very enthusiastic both about the project but also just about creative in general. He has managed to round up some really talented creative people from all corners of the industry in the past.

Everything Is Yellow is a creative Webinar series (you know, a seminar that happens on the web) starting March 16th through the 20th that will cover some really useful insight into different ways to break into the creative industry and raise your profile as a creative professional. Again, he has managed to pool together some respected people in the creative industry to conduct the webinars. The topics look very relevant and I will be curious to see how it all shakes out and what people take away from it.

So go give Everything is Yellow a look and see what you think. And if you decide to take part, send me an email and let me know what you think and how it turns out. Good luck Gui.

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