One of my favorite new blogs that discusses topics relevant to design and advertising is Ideas on Ideas. The site is run by Eric Karjaluoto from the web-branding agency Smash Lab. The site serves as his soap box to espouse his views about design, brands and the experience of working in the sometimes foggy ether between them. The site is high on intellect and low on bullshit. If you are looking for pretty pictures, like a lot of the ones you will see here at my blog, you will be disappointed. If however, you want to open up your brain and engage in discussing the strange world we designers inhabit, you will find comfortable harbor at Ideas on Ideas. I hope to begin generating similar discussions here at Changethethought in the future and the writings of Karjaluto have provided an impetus for that ambition. I thank him for that and plan on making some adjustments accordingly.

A particular post that was a standout for me on a personal level, as it forced me to address some of the problems in my own work, was his post on the role of ‘style’ in design. The post is aptly titled, ‘Fuck Style‘. I don’t think it would be hard for anyone to imagine which way the essay veers on the topic taking the title into account but it is well worth every second it takes to read the article. It is food for thought for any young designer caught up in the style saturated universe we currently inhabit.

My thanks to you Eric.

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