“When Justin was a partner at Lambo in 2006, he directed the New pollution open for Fuel Tv in SD. Fuel Tv loved the package so much they returned to Justin to re create a similar package in HD. They wanted to stick with the same characters and story line. Expect they felt mud man resembled more than mud…… so Rock Man was born, Mud Man’s distant cousin who is definitely more bad ass and isn’t by any means ambiguous about what he’s made of. Other than Mud to Rock, our journey begins in the mountains. As well the style advanced a bit from a contrived lo-fi kitsch to more of a polished cinematic action trailer. Long live the monsters, next time were just gonna make a full length feature and Mc Donald’s action figures to go along with. Enjoy !”

Wow, 30 seconds of kick ass. You can also check out pictures from the production of the spot here. How much fun would it have been to work on that project?

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