Khristian is currently 21 and proudly resides in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Khristian graduated from his degree in Communication Design from 2008 and is currently completing his honours at Swinburne University. He is also contributing at the faculties in-house studio, Design Centre, as apart of his studies.”

Everyone is making a big ‘to-do’ about the fact that he is only 21 years old, but I think the real ‘to-do’ is about his work being really good.

For the record, I think the age thing is a bunch of BS. Our culture is too obsessed with youth as it is. It’s a bunch of hype and it doesn’t pay homage to those who have gained wisdom enough to pass the torch.

What about longevity? To stay current and maintain in the creative field, you have to have real gusto and absolutely refuse to give up. There are always more flash-in-the-pans than eternal fires. A lot of people peak out when they’re young but there are a precious few who get better with age. Enough with the “OMG he is only 14 crap already.”

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