If you have yet to notice, I have updated my personal work section on the site with a whole bunch of shiny new candy. Specifically, there is new work in both the Print and Illustration sections. You may have seen some of the images recently on FFFFound. Someone over there has been picking up what I have been laying down. I have plans to start printing and selling posters to beef up the online store this summer as well, and you can see a preview of what will be available in the Print section. I will also be adding a digital download section to my store where you can buy and download all the vector madness I have created over the last few years to create the some 10 million t-shirts I have made in the last several years. I have amassed quite a library of vectors over the last decade and I think they could be put to good use by other people out there now. I will also be potentially adding merchandise from other friends and Editors on the site over this summer into next fall as well. The store will be getting a much needed makeover later this year as well. There are all kinds of plans in the works.  I will be adding an author soon as well who will be writing more about independent film and short films.

If you have any suggestions for the blog, or you feel we are missing something that you would like to see more of, please leave a comment after this post or send me an email. Thanks again to all of you reading regularly, I am working day and night to keep searching for new and better content. I know you have voracious appetites.

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