I love this song. A music-savvy coworker and friend turned me onto ‘Here We Go Magic’ a few months back and this song still holds firm as a favorite. There is a rhythmic drive to the song lifts and carries you, but stays balanced by an airy whimsy that opens wide and lets your mind drift. Its a strange little number, but there is a peculiar beauty in the strangeness that I just can’t get enough of. It makes me want to drive through the mountains here in Colorado and imagine how they have been here long before all of the bullshit that I worry about in my tragic modern life. There is something modern pop happening in the music that still feels firmly built on an old guitar meets percussion foundation. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of the rest of the songs on the album rise to answer the promise this song makes, but for me it is hard to argue that there isn’t something kind of special about the single ‘Fangela’. It’s even harder to argue when you can appreciate it doubly as an in studio recording and still appreciate it performed live, both of which you can see above.

written by Christopher