Well, try as I did, I was not able to get tickets to watch Obama speak tonight. I pulled out every stop but it just didn’t happen. I am planning on running by the Andenken Gallery one more time today for the Manifest Hope show and give away some posters I did for MoveOn.org this week along with what is left of the stickers I made a year or more back. So, if you are in the neighborhood today, stop by and pick up some free stuff.

I have been creating stickers and t-shirts for MoveOn all this month, and if you are at the speech tonight they will be selling the t-shirts afterwards. I don’t get anything from the sales, but I do believe some of the money goes towards the Obama campaign.

I think tonight will be a moment to remember in American history. I have zero doubt that Obama’s speech will be anything less than amazing. I just hope this pushes on through all the way. I really do. I will be downtown in Denver tonight with my wife and hopefully some friends to watch it happen wherever we can squeeze in and catch it on T.V. Then I will be out tonight downtown for a while. Even though I won’t be in the arena, it is still amazing to be living here in Denver while this is all happening. It really is history being made. It has been very surreal and I am so glad that even in a small way, I have been able to be an active part.

Hope may be a 4 letter word, but those are 4 very powerful letters that when combined can create a movement and make history.

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