According to Hort’s website:

HORT began its inhabitance back in 1994, under the previous stage name of EIKES GRAFISCHER HORT. Who the hell is Eike? Eike is the creator of HORT. HORT – a direct translation of the studio’s mission. A creative playground. A place where ‘work and play’ can be said in the same sentence. An unconventional working environment. Once a household name in the music industry. Now, a multi-disciplinary creative hub. Not just a studio space, but an institution devoted to making ideas come to life. A place to learn, a place to grow, and a place that is still growing. Not a client execution tool. HORT has been known to draw inspiration from things other than design.

Their website might drive you crazy, just click the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons in the upper left hand corner and you’ll make out alright. There is some beautiful work on display and worth trying to mine out of the not exactly user friendly site. Trust in their client roster which includes names like Wallpaper, The New York Times, Universal Music and Nike.

Now go HORT it up.

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