The Imaginary Foundation got in touch with me this week and sent me a really great t-shirt along with a box of cards featuring some incredibly inspiring individuals, including one of my personal favorites, Buckminster Fuller. The t-shirts and cards are a really great way to help educate, inspire and spread the legacy of some of the brightest minds in the science and philosophy realm. It was nice to receive something that wasn’t meant just to look and be cool, but actually serve as a tool or pathway into learning something new and discovering some people that might further inspire thought and creativity. It’s tantamount really to the Imaginary Foundation’s entire message and premise. I really respect what they are doing. They are genuine about creating things that inspire the imagination and enlighten people to consider the world, their place in it, and help to broaden their idealogies and philosophy. After all, art and science are closer cousins than most people think. The shirt and cards will be available at their website starting Monday.

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