Dollars for Euros

So, what exactly has the Iraq war done to our economy besides the glaringly obvious 9 trillion dollar deficit. Well, it is also destabilizing our currency, that’s what. If you think of the Iraq war as a business venture, which I am sure some people in the administration do, then you have to wonder who is profiting here because it most certainly isn’t America. The problem is, the more we spend the more in debt we go, and that doesn’t exactly make us look attractive to lenders. Would you loan someone money who owed 9 trillion? Better yet, would you loan someone who owed 9 trillion and was still in the process of pissing what money that had left down the toilet. Worser still, if that said person actually printed their own currency, would you really trust it’s value?

Well, if you can jive on that simple logic than you can see the systemic problem and also probably envision how it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.

How exactly is the war effecting our currency, well here is a short list. Get ready to trade those Benjamins for Euros and get ready to be beat down at the pump.

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