About Johnny Hardstaff (copied direct from his site):

Johnny Hardstaff is a director and designer. Represented by Ridley Scott Associates, Hardstaff has directed and designed innovative moving image work across a broad spectrum of both commercial and non-commercial strands of the visual arts. Mass media clients include Sony, Orange, Radiohead, Toshiba, Sony PlayStation and the BBC amongst others.

Hardstaff’s work has been broadcast worldwide and exhibited at major museums of modern art and cultural institutes including Tate Modern / NFT / ICA / Laforet Museum (Tokyo) / Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) / ACMI (Melbourne) / MOMA (San Francisco) / V&A Museum (London) and the Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco).

As displayed within his widely documented canon of work, Johnny Hardstaff is committed to expanding graphic horizons, working in a wide variety of commercial media in order to finance the development of experimental / long-format projects.”

He also just so happens to have quite possibly the best name I have ever heard that could double for a really kick-ass rock band.

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