This movie has been out for a while now, but I had the pleasure of watching it this weekend. I have always been a fan of the vampire genre, but I was really taken aback by ‘Let the Right One In’. It’s definitely something different and unfolds in a completely unexpected way.

The story centers around a 12-year-old boy living in Stockholm (brilliant casting of the central characters), Sweden during the early 80’s. A bizarre string of serial murders breaks loose and with them comes a strange little girl that the central character befriends. She encourages him to defend himself against his grammer school bullies. As their relationship blossoms he realizes she is a vampire.

The movie is much more subtle and contemplative than the preview makes it seem. There are some great in-camera effects in the movie too, which was a welcome surprise. It’s rare lately that I actually want to own a movie for future viewing, but I will definitely be putting this one in the permanent collection.

Visit the official website for more information about the film.

written by Christopher