My friends at Lifelongfriendshipsociety recently released a new spot for MaxMara that is quietly beautiful and every bit as original as the rest of the work in their portfolio. We have been working with them here at the agency I work (Cactus), and I just can’t say enough good things about them. They just kick ass. We shared some good times in NYC together and they have just been doing an awesome job on the series of spots they are producing for us. It didn’t take my writing partner and I long to feel like we had honorarily joined their ‘friendship society’. As good as things have been going, I would love to work with them again sometime in the near future. In short, we love them and if you are in the market for a top notch motion firm, you would be hard pressed to find someone better.

Above you can see an older promo they produced for Lost at E Minor that shows off exactly the kind of sensitivity to style, production, sound and artistic integrity that I was talking about. They pour themselves all the way into everything they do and that’s why we love them.

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