According to design studio Build, the ‘Not For Commercial Use‘ project came about following “a drunken conversation about the possibilites of design in the hands of a sympathetic printer, and of print in the hands of an understanding designer.” The conversation occurred between Build’s Michael C. Place and Paul Hewitt of the print firm Generation Press.

Initially they decided to produce a set of postcards to give away to show their range of printing processes but then the idea evolved into free posters and guerrilla-style dissemination of the materials. So, they started pasting them up all over London, which eventually meant an extra hand being lent by longtime Generation Press collaborator Richard Bull of Yacht Associates. With the help of Rick Guest and Richard Carroll the entire process was documented and commemorated in a special stitch-bound A3 catalog.

So, here is the good part. You can win a set of all 5 posters. All you need do, is send an email to iwant@notforcommercialuse.com

Just tell them how much you love them and that you would sell your soul for a well designed set of posters. I am not sure if they will ship to the U.S. since they are in England but it might be worth a shot.

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