Early in 09, the band Omega Code will release their debut album, along with a book, a DVD and a free series of posters based on their upcoming album “Ω”. A limited number of 2300 posters are going to be printed and distributed around the globe.

Anyone remember that kick ass Tool album that also had a name you didn’t really know what to make of.

23 artists were invited to illustrate the artwork for the project. Artists and designers like Joshua Davis, Si Scott, Mike Cina, Michael Paul Young, Mate Steinforth, Matthew Curry, Nelson Balaban, Tom Muller, Motomichi Nakamura, Danny Franzreb, Robert Lindström, Andreas Pihlström, Chris Hewitt, Hello Hikimori, Sebastian Onufszak, Animatório, Colletivo, Nacionale, Unstru, Tomás Peña, João Oliveira, Peter Jaworowski, Umeric and Doomedo.

You can learn more about the release via Omega Code’s Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Twitter.

Lets just get out with it already and call 2009 the year of the triangle.

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