Just saw this at Reform Revolution and I was pretty excited because I wanted to get in on this and now you can too:

” Hello,
After receiving lots of emails about submissions, people really started to send their own stuff! http://www.flickr.com/photos/omegacode/

So here is the cool thing:
We are opening a Fan Art set for submissions. Download our template and send us your art: http://tinyurl.com/7fdb7j

We’ll pick up 20 illustrations and feature them on our upcoming book.

Deadline: February 27th.
Send us your LOWRES 72 dpi to hello@omegacode.net

Up to B1 in 300 dpi
(as we may print as a poster them later in the year)

* No need to have anything written.

HOTS: Religion, Spirituality, Noir, Mysticism, Alchemy, Tree of Life, Experimental

NOTS: Porn, Offensive Content, Violence

Omega Code”

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