The oh-so-so-young Aussie rockers who call themselves Powerage have asked for a little help. If you recall, I posted a video of them performing at the Hinton County Fair not long ago. The boys are currently running in a national school band competition called My School Act that is exclusive to Australian high school students. The winning act will receive a Sony Music recording deal worth $50,000 to help them get their start in the industry.

In order to vote for them:

  • go to the link www.myschoolact.com
  • register as a fan ( and you will immediately be sent a password to your email address)
  • re-enter www.myschoolact.com with your password
  • Become a fan of Powerage

I wouldn’t normally post something like this but these fellas are very young and really going for it. The front man was only around 11 years old when he started getting people’s attention. I think they have some genuine talent and could really go somewhere if the right people get behind them and I am all for helping out up and coming talent in any way possible. If you don’t like them, then don’t vote but if you do, this could mean a lot to them. Good luck boys.

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