The winning designs for the Royal Mint coin collection have been revealed. The new designs are the result of a competition held back in 2005. The winner of the competition is 26-year-old Graphic Designer Matthew Dent who is originally from Bangor but now lives and works in London.

The set is based on the Royal Arms heraldic coat of arms theme. The shield of the Royal Arms is split between the six denominations from the 1 pence to the 50 pence with the £1 coin featuring the shield in its entirety.

The new designs will slowly enter circulation throughout the upcoming year. According to Matthew Dent’s website it is estimated that 28 billion or more UK coins are in circulation. That’s enough to wrap the world in single file, 16 times.

When is an internationally accepted omni (all-in-one) style card going to happen? It just seems so wasteful and archaic to still be wasting the resources it takes to produce these coins? Am I wrong on this? Isn’t it 2008 already and aren’t we experiencing some kind of energy and pollution crisis?

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