I have known of Steve Wilson and his work for some time now but have failed for some reason to write an entry about him. His work first caught my eye when he created what I still think are some of the best t-shirts Tank Theory ever produced. He has recently updated his site with a lot of new work, so what better time to catch up on a missed opportunity to familiarize you with his artistic prowess. Steve was born on the same date as my wedding so maybe I share a slanted subconscious affinity for his art. Steve takes the colors and soul of the 80’s era in New York, adds a little guitar riff from the 70’s and churns it through a Monty Python episode. Based out of Brighton in the UK, he is consistently in demand for high profile companies like MTV and Virgin. He has also worked for EMI, Timeout, Coca-Cola, Nike, The BBC and Computer Arts. According to coshuk.com, “His art straddles a fine line between spiritual and psychedelic but at the same time is urban and tech-driven.” So, when you are ready for a little head trip, have a browse through Steve Wilson’s newly updated website.

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