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I remember seeing this a long while back on television and laughing pretty hard upon viewing it. It kind of puts things in perspective. I have been working in some regard as a designer/Flash developer/Jr. Art Director/Motion Design Director/Copywriter/Creative Blogger/Actor/Lead Singer/Lyricist/Illustrator/Painter/Art Director for around 10 years or so. If you count when I started painting, drawing and singing when I was 5, well most of my life now.

In that time I have been around countless creative types. The people that always tend to strike me the most though with their almost borderline compulsive behavior are graphic designers. It has always amazed me how seriously some designers take what we do. Some people treat design like it is akin to splitting atoms or solving the global energy crisis. I am amazed sometimes at how little humor people see in our obsession over things that 99% of the rest of the population could really give a shit about. (I have to briefly mention actors too, since I am now spending more and more time with them also, and they tend to think the same way about acting).

I think this little video kind of cuts right to the heart of that and should serve as a little reminder not only to me, but to everyone sitting a little too close to their computer right now, to relax a little every once in a while. This may be what we do for a living, but after all, there are a lot more important things going on in the world as well. Especially right now.

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