Adam Cruickshank

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Adam Cruickshank has a lot of interesting and often times thought-provoking work on his website. He is a true artist who is unafraid to experiment with multiple mediums and it appears he feels comfortable doing so.

Here is his bio copied straight from his website:
“Adam is a Melbourne based artist currently living in Europe. His work ranges from exhibition pieces and installations for specific environments through to graphic design and illustration. He’s also half of Sleep Club, the name for the collaborative work he does with Dell Stewart.

Much of Adam’s work is an investigation into the relationship between the public and art, the similarities and differences of various forms of represention and how those relationships translate to a given audience. Essentially, the work is concerned with a bringing forward of art into the everyday and the notion that it can be open and available, sometimes directly changed in random unseen events, questioning just what it is that constitues the work and how its function changes through interaction and the passage of time. Often utilizing elements of humour, the work intends to introduce new fields of thought and association through its playfulness.”

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