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Sustainable Design is top of mind these days but it is still a topic that can be hard to follow as it is not exactly something that often makes the nightly news. While searching for images and copy about Buckminster Fuller yesterday (I am working on a poster about him at the moment) and stumbled across the Sustainable Design Update blog. Fuller was a pioneer not only in thinking and engineering towards sustainable design but also in raising the topic at a time when it was barely a consideration. Fuller has been a big influence in how I think about my life and an inspiration in how I gauge my pursuits. Of course he surfaces as a topic from time to time on the Sustainable Design blog because of his unique place in the history of the subject. If you don’t know about Fuller, he is someone you should look up.

Fuller aside, the blog has a wealth of great information on the current developments in sustainable design. It is really great to see someone out there taking the time to track down all of the relevant information and synthesize it somewhere that people can keep tabs on it. Topics ranging from biodegradable plastics made from corn syrup to alternative energy sources like hydrogen gas make for a great and always interesting if not inspirational read. I highly recommend visiting it and supporting it in any way you can.

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