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I am sure for the die-hard creative blog circuit tourists Andy Gilmore needs no introduction but I stumbled across his Flickrfolio today and noticed he had several new things in his book for 2010. As always, all of the latest examples are a study in color and geometry resulting in pure modern art eye candy. If I could share a little secret with you, and in absolutely no way, shape or form am I belittling Andy’s work (especially because I am a big fan and frequently check back at his website to see what is new) but his images make for the coolest wallpaper tiles and iPhone wallpapers. They have been adorning my scree for well over a year now and I never tire of looking at them.

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Andy Gilmore

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There is some really awesome simple geometric design in the portfolio of Andy Gilmore. I have been seeing a lot of his work weaving it’s way in and out of FFFFound lately and I have been wondering where it was coming from.

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