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I am currently at a 2 day workshop hosted by Boulder Digital Works. I have to thank the New Denver Ad Club profusely for allowing me the opportunity to be here. It means a lot to me. There are some very exciting people from within the advertising and creative industry here including the top creative minds from agencies like Modernista, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Goodby Silverstein, etc. We are putting our heads together to try to figure out this new landscape and understand what exactly it means for the creative industry. Thus far and not surprisingly, there are no tried and true answers. Especially after the massive change in the last 18 months brought on by a technological windfall with gadgets like iPhones and iPads that are quite literally changing our lives minute-by-minute.

So far, I have met some really exciting people here. I feel like I am coming in at a weird angle where I have worked in the ad industry but also come from the creative-to-creative community side that a lot of people within the ad industry don’t consider. I spoke with a group this morning about tribalism and people moving into tribes within the digital landscape. I found that interesting. Currently I am about to listen to the head of UI at AKQA.

I will do a followup when the conference is done, but it should come as no surprise that this world we live and play in is changing dramatically and the agency/client model is struggling to keep up or even understand the changes. My question is and has been for a while, whether or not the agency model is even relevant anymore and if it can even find a way to sustain itself. Stay tuned.

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