Interpol – Rest My Chemistry

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Interpol is far and away one of my favorite bands from the last few years. I started listening to them over 4 years ago when I lived in Miami and news of their music was slowly spreading up and down the east coast. Since then I have seen them in concert twice which is a rare thing for me since I don’t usually make it out to see live music as often as I said. So, needless to say when I stumbled on this news I was pretty excited to see a new video and hear a new song.

Apparently Capitol Records approached Los Angeles-based Blip Boutique to produce a video for Interpol’s latest single, ‘Rest My Chemistry’. They didn’t want the standard fare however, and were hoping more for a piece of digital art that would spread across the web and most likely never be broadcast. Blip Boutique went to task and created a video using a new data mapping technology that is very original.

You can see the video at a larger scale here.

The full credits for the creative, along with a nice little Q&A session can be read here.

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