Buck Is All Up In Your Grill

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I noticed over the weekend that the all-powerful Buck had updated their website. They have also put together their reel for 2008 and it is absolutely marvelous. I put Buck down in a top 3 list of motion graphic agencies that we should consider using last year for our Own Your C campaign at Cactus. Unfortunately I didn’t get to work with them personally, but they ended up being selected by our other Art Director and actually agreed to work with a fairly low budget because they believed in the campaign. They showed a kind of integrity that is a rare thing in business. They really got behind the message that was driving the concept and gave it all they had. The end result was absolutely spectacular and everyone who had the chance to work with them thought they were far and away some of the nicest people they had ever had the opportunity to work with. Our office is still littered with the stickers and postcards they sent, and the spot they produced is arguably the best spot Cactus has ever been a part of.

They really stand firm behind good design and from what I have gathered, and took their name from one of my favorite people of all time, Buckminster Fuller (AKA Little Bucky). If you haven’t yet experienced their work, spend a little time at their site because it is impossible not to come away inspired. If you haven’t noticed, I am a fan.

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