Mass Shooting in Aurora Colorado

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I just wanted to send out a note of condolence and love to anyone effected by the terrible incident last night here in Colorado. A shooter opened fire in a crowded theater in a suburb of Denver last night killing 12 and wounding several others. Our personal friends and family members are safe from harm, but we do have close friends working at several of the local hospitals that took in numerous victims of the incident last night. Several of the wounded were children and parents. An act such as this is totally unthinkable and it’s impossible to take measure of it’s meaning or purpose.

All of us at the Changethethought studio extend our deepest sympathies and send love to the innocent people forever scarred by this terrible event.

We’ve had a hard summer this year here in Colorado with so many already suffering from the extensive fire damage that has ravaged our state. It’s hard not to feel like this is salt in an already open wound. We ask that you stay vigilant and know that we are a community and are as much responsible for each other as we are for ourselves. We love this beautiful state and the wonderful people who populate it and our hearts are with you today.

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