Q – Tiny Blips & Short Clips

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I almost forgot Daniele Manoli’s alphabet video of the week this week. So this time we have the letter ‘Q’ (one of my favorite letters) that stands for Quadrilateral. How awesome are all of these videos? One for every letter in the alphabet. Still blows my mind.

Video & Audio : Daniele Manoli
Styling, Art Direction, Handmade Props & Accessories : Phoebe Tong behance.net/ ​phoebetong
Model : Isabella L

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W: Tiny Blips & Short Clip

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This weeks alphabet video by motion designer, animator and illustrator Daniele Manoli is all about the letter ‘W’.

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G: Tiny Blips & Short Clips

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I am going to to something a little different here starting today. Swedish born Hong Kong based director/designer/illustrator/animator Daniele Manoli sent me an email about a project he did with no budget just to stretch himself creatively and I must say that I was incredibly impressed. He created a short film for every single letter in the alphabet. That’s 26 different short films full of animation, motion graphics, live action and any other technique Daniele felt like experimenting with. It’s quite an amazing project and we (at the Ctt studio) were super impressed with the effort and the shear volume of experimentation and techniques employed. We were also totally stoked that he shared it with us right away.

So all that being said (and back to my original sentence), I am going to post one of the videos everyday for the next 26 days starting in random order. Today it is the letter ‘G’, which we were rather fond of. You can see all of the videos here.

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