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Well, ironically, I never would have discovered the fine work of Ellen Tongzhou Zhao had she not left a comment after my call for bloggers entry (stating that ‘my design blog is better than yours’). She felt the entry came off as a bit pompous, although I meant for it to be a sarcastic bearing in mind that there are about a million design blogs out there now so in a way, it doesn’t matter much how good it is anymore.

Anyway, I was delighted to discover that Zhao is a very rare breed of conceptual designer who likes to delve into the thinking process that informs her work. Her “I Am You” book featured above is case-in-point to that fact. It’s a book about ‘it’s own’ design process and the relationship created with the reader. It’s a very good idea and the kind of idea that shows interactivity can work just as easily offline as it can online.

She attended the Cooper Union School of art on scholarship and has since worked at some amazing agencies for no doubt some very large clients. She is also fluent in English, French and Chinese. Wow. Thank you for your comment Ellen and for your thoughtful work.

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