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Have you ever been a little frustrated that you didn’t quite make it to that last creative event and wondered how everyone knew about it and you didn’t? Well, there are so many events happening in so many places now that it has become damn near impossible to keep track of all of them or even decide which one you want to attend. Creative Everyone is a new website (still in beta) hoping to catalog practically every event that is going on out there so you can go to one place and find every date, place, time and description of any and all events you may actually want to attend. Good idea.

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Glug: The Wizards Hat

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February’s Glug (Nottingham) features an exhibition by the Wizard’s Hat illustration house which was in part founded by our news poster Jeffrey Bowman along with Andrew J. Miller. They will be exhibiting a series of prints lifted from the first 3 issues of the Wizard’s Hat zine.

The work itself comes from some very well known illustrators, including Mike Perry, Jon Burgerman, Damien Correll and Alex Bec among several others.

Event Date: Thursday February, 19th 2009 – from 6.30pm until we fall over.
Location: Brownes, Goose Gate, Nottingham

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Congrats Jeffrey, I wish I could be there.

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