Future Member

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My friend Mike Slane is making a name for himself here in Denver delivering some really great motion graphics work. He is a really talented and very nice guy who has worked with some really big names in the business. He is currently on the market here in Denver open for freelance projects and is really someone you should look up if you are searching for a great motion designer.

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Anthony Hurd

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Anthony Hurd use to be the artsy half of E.G.G. A creative partnership between him and another ex-employee of the one-time great little interactive agency, Exopolis. Since then he has really grown and branched out on his own developing his own unique eye-catching style. His artwork is all his own and he just keeps getting better. He is also an accomplished designer. Check out his work at his newly updated site and while you are at it, buy his designer series shirt from Tanktheory, if you still can because it might just be sold out already.

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