Anthony Lister

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To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Anthony Lister’s work when it first hit the artistic airwaves. I thought it was kind of gimmicky and the kind of tongue-in-cheek pop culture low brow superheroes and monsters kind of thing that I am not always a big fan of. I am just being honest. I guess that is a little hypocritical for me to say though since I was pretty into that scene for a while before I did a 180 back into graphic design and typography.

Since then, I have been keeping up on him and now I have to say he is winning me over. There is something going on in his work under the surface that serves as an ironic social commentary on the mental state of America. I like that a lot. I am also a die hard fan of any and all things Francis Bacon and there is a link between Lister’s work and Bacon. I like that a lot too.

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