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The synopsis:

“Scientists observe a tribe, which lives peacefully outside the external world in the rainforest. They know no form of writing and communicate only with their simple dances. After some month of abstinence, the scientists visit the tribe again and discover, that their whole behavior has changed completely. They pray to a skull-god and menace the scientist. Now they use weird signs, which they paint on themselves. The scientists have to find out what happened.”

Author Georg Klein asked Director Marc Rühl if he would like to create a short based one of his novels.  Rühl choose the book “Die Logik der Süße” (The logic of sweetness). The entire shoot took nearly 6 months to complete.

director: MARC RÜHL
screenplay: GEORG KLEIN
music: KAY BADER

breakdown: vimeo.com/schwarzgrau/tungubreakdown (video)
making of: schwarzgrau.com/tungushort
website: tungu.schwarzgrau.com

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