Ctt for the Hot Iqs

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I was recently asked by the lead singer of the local Denver band (and a really good band in my humble opinion) to design a two screen poster to announce the release of their latest 7 inch EP. I hadn’t designed a rock poster in a long long time so I jumped at the chance. Although it wasn’t really needed and the budget in no way called for it, I really went to town and kind of went nuts working up different ideas. I rarely get to sink my teeth into something music related so I felt like I had to get as much out of my system as possible. You can see all 7 versions of the poster now in the print section of the site. The band likes the giraffe mandala poster so that is the one which will most likely be printed. I’ll let you know when and where they will be playing if you would like to pick one up.

For more information about the Hot Iqs, you can visit their website.

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