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“The article below the video I linked to explains pretty much everything. She defends her use of violent rhetoric, writing it off as “we are talking about the vote” and as first amendment rights. Well, if the first amendment means I cannot yell fire in a crowded theater because I’m endangering others, that should also mean that you, Ms. Palin, cannot use violent rhetoric and create maps with cross-hairs that obviously endanger others. She defends her map as having done nothing wrong, that “both sides of the isles use maps”, well if that were the case why did you take it down so quickly unless you had known from the start it was wrong? Lastly the use of “blood libel” is heinous, it refers to rumors that were spread to incite more antisemiticism and fear and hate against Jews. Specifically blood libel was the false fear that Jews were running around stealing good Christian children, murdering them and then using their blood in religious ceremonies to bake matzos at Passover. To use the term as though democrats are really victimizing you, Ms. Palin is wrong. You are not the victim here, and likening yourself to the horrors that Jews faced when they were victimized means you disregard their suffering, and are a completely self deluded.”

Quoted from: Deadfix

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