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Paul, better known in the design industry and art world as ‘Insect’ served for several years as the creative force behind the London design collective, ‘Insect’. Paul was born in southeastern England. He studied graphic design for 4 years at Hastings and Salisbury art colleges. Since his design days he has gone on to work more individually and has recently launched his own website where you can finally get a look at some of what he has been up to lately. His images have graced the covers of creative magazines the world over and he recently created the cover for the last DJ Shadow album. He is one of the rare and strange birds spawned by the digital revolution. A strange computer working, screen printing, collage and painting kind of Franken-artist. You can see a little of each represented in much of his work. He also takes his work to the streets of London pasting up posters and writing the occasional tag. If you don’t spot his work there you can always find him exhibiting on the gallery circuit. I am sure many of you will recognize his work, it’s nice to finally see a collection of it in one place on the web.

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