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Well yesterday was the big day and the new iPhone 4 dropped (after all of the ‘prototype’ leakage hubub). It does look like one dazzling piece of technology, but really after the last few years of product releases from Apple, did anyone expect anything less? The most promising new feature, not just for Apple but the entire mobile phone market has to be FaceTime, wifi-enabled video chat. It immediately made me realize that soon my wife will finally be able to speak to her family in Brazil and see them as she does. It’s hard to describe how much that means to someone who lives thousands of miles away from their country of origin and family. The question for me is how soon I will be able to upgrade to one since I just purchased a phone and a plan in October of last year.

I have to say, you have to chop off an arm every time you make an Apple purchase, especially as a small business owner but yesterday I spent the entire day trying to get a wireless modem to work in my studio. I went through two modems, both of which I had to return to the store after several hours on the phone with a help desk service. After an entire wasted day of this I finally paid about twice what I had expected to pay for a router for the Airport Extreme. It was a painful purchase as it has been a very slow month with a lot of expenses but I brought it back to the studio, plugged it in and had a much faster wireless connection speed running throughout the studio within about 15 minutes of setup.

Oh Apple, why must you hurt us so good? I love you, but your like an expensive date that puts out and then when the strings are tied keeps asking for more and more as the relationship evolves. I should have written a prenup.

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