polack: a small minded movie

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Our good friend Jim Kenney has been getting a lot of attention lately with ‘Polack’, an independent film about Polish jokes and the insidious nature of racism, homophobia all the like. The film really draws you in, makes you question your assumptions and doesn’t let go.

“What a roller coaster! Entrancing from the start. I was completely caught up and off guard by this beautifully crafted, deeply personal journey into history. Just when you’re delighting in clever anima- tion interwoven with old TV episodes and extraordinary archival footage, you’re hit slam-dunk with Nazis and gay bashing. Unexpected, jarring, complex – like a cubist painting or climbing into an imaginative mind. Made me think twice about every joke I’ve ever been party to.”
– Nikki Silva, of NPR’s Peabody Award-Winning Kitchen Sisters

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