Orpheus Pony

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At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this low-fi animation titled ‘Orpheus’ Pony’ by Michael Fragstein but then it sunk in just how much is actually going on in it and how truly psychedelic it really is, then I was hooked. Bizarre but good.

Direction: Michael Fragstein
Music : Lisa Tuyala, Marc Fragstein
Production : Büro Achter April

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“The song HAT by Max and Laura Braun presents an enigmatic story of love, discovery and loss, a sense of home and growing up. Foresaking linearity and coherence, a narrative is conveyed through fleeting glimpses, allowing a subtle landscape of emotion and memory to emerge, its contours defined by thick, soft lines.
This dreamlike style is continued throughout the video made by director Michael Fragstein. Hand painted sequences unfolding in an empty space accompany the song’s lyrics. Replete with ambiguity and symbolism, these images appear, merge and fade. An ongoing chain of events reveals an infinite number of ties between the protagonists, while leaving room for interpretation and a space for the audience to reflect.”

Music by: Max und Laura Braun
Directed by: Michael Fragstein at Büro Achter
Rotoscoping by: Stephan Beyer

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