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Sound engineering or ‘sweetening’ as we sometimes call it in the industry can be an art that is sometimes (pun intended) lost in the mix. When you find someone good at it that you trust, you hang onto them for dear life. Good audio engineering can make or break your spot and few people do it better than¬†Marcelo Baldin AKA Combustion. The understanding of his talent should be immediate from the moment you land on the homepage and see the amazing works that he has help top off.

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World Wide Renewal Program

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The brilliant people behind Adult Swim have put together a follow up mix to the free Ghostly Swim album that came out a few months ago. The new mix is titled, ‘World Wide Renewal Program‘ and features a collection of Chocolate Industries artists. Cover art by Razauno. As far as I can tell there are several new releases and some potentially unreleased tracks. I was really blown away by the quality of the last mix and this new one is every bit as good. Download it now for free and enjoy. Thank you Adult Swim.

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