Doe Eyed: Updates

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Eric at Doe Eyed has updated with some excellent new posters including a particular favorite of mine for Mogwai. Eric is actually related to a very old highschool/college friend of mine who is also a graphic designer. It’s a small world I guess especially when you are from Nebraska.

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Doe Eyed

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Doe Eyed is the illustration and design work of Eric Nyffeler who is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Wow, two Nebraska-based posts in one day by a Nebraska-born blogger, have we entered some kind of bizarro dimension?

Eric recently updated his portfolio with some super fun new work and his portfolio keeps getting better with each new addition.

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Make Believe Studio

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Make Believe Studio is a small home based design studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Having grown up in Nebraska, I am always excited to see a decent portfolio from there. MB&CO has just such a portfolio with a lot of projects being entertainment and music based.

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Crazeone Artshow

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Adam White has kept up with me for a few years now and has continued to push himself to create some exceptional illustration work. He has amassed a really impressive portfolio over the years and he is finally having his first art exhibition. The show begins this Friday April 2nd, 2010. The show is open from 6:30-10:00 and is for one night only at the Parrish Project on the second floor at 14th & O street in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you can’t make the show be sure to check out some of the more recent work at his website.

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Micah Max

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It’s a rare thing that I get to represent my Nebraska roots here but I came across the work of Omaha, Nebraska-based graphic designer Micah Max today and was really impressed by his simple and clean approach to layout.

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