Obama Acceptance Speech

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The right speech for the right moment. I was amazed at how composed Obama was last night and also surprised to already see in him the realization of how much work he has to do and the enormity of the responsibility that he has been given. He already looked like a president.

I went to see Jesse Jackson speak in my hometown of Kearney, Nebraska when I was very young, probably 13 years old or so. He spoke in a cornfield to a small group, in front of a grain silo or something like that if I remember right. I was really young at the time. I remember wondering then at that age if I would ever see a moment like this and also feeling confused as to why Americans could be so shallow as to not be able to see past a persons skin color. It was never an issue for me growing up as I was raised not to even consider it. I was taught to just see people and judge all people on their character and nothing else. So to see Jackson there last night crying last night, really brought back a lot of memories and stirred something in me that I don’t think I even realized was there. What a night.

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