Shepard Fairey Interview

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Shepard Fairey explains his work and position in an interview with Gestalten. And yes the sticky issue of copyright does rear it’s head over the course of the interview.

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How to Wheat Paste

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Ever wondered how to mix up a big gooey batch of wheat paste so you could hit them streets and get up in the name of underground fame. Well wonder no more. All will be revealed as Shepard Fairey runs you through the steps.

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Manifest Hope Update

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Alright, it is almost 3am and I still have to go to work tomorrow because I am a regular person and not quite famous enough to call my own shots. But, I have to write briefly about the single most surreal night of my life so far. This week I have met and spoke with Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Date Farmers, a producer for the Charlie Rose show and several other people that I guess are important and I didn’t even know who they were when I was talking to them. I was invited into the VIP section of the Manifest Hope show tonight since I was a contributing artist and it really just blew my mind. Ron English knew who I was, so that was fucking awesome. The reason he knew me though was because of my rant about Upper Playground and his poster. He said this blog was the only blog he has ever left a comment on. That was kind of awesome. Shepard Fairey talked to me and a coworker about having a family while doing the crazy shit we all do. That was a hot topic since my wife is ready to start a family of our own. It was the last thing I ever thought I would talk to Shepard Fairey about. Pretty weird.

I saw Moby tonight at the show. The VIP show also had Sarah Silverman speaking, she was hilarious, along with the mayor of San Francisco. He is one good looking politician. I was then treated to a private show by Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie along with the members of The Postal Service and Rilo Kiley. Rilo Kiley admitted it was the first time she had ever played guitar for a live audience. That was cool. Sam Flores, David Choe and I have no idea who else were all walking around.

A friend and local artist who was in the show went out wheat pasting with Shepard Fairey this week and will be featured in his documentary about the entire Manifest Hope show. His artwork in the show was all purchased by Morgan Spurlock, the guy who starred in the Supersize me documentary.

In a nutshell, it was wild. Just wild. I was so excited to be there. It felt like the culmination of a long hard road we have all fought to take as artists and designers who have thrown our full weight behind the Obama campaign. It was fantastic to be around all of these people and know we were all there together for something we really believed in.

Ron English is awesome by the way. He knows a lot about politics and I was lucky enough to get to talk to him for a while. I watched him work his way into a potential interview with Charlie Rose as well. Damn would I like to get to do something like that someday.

Oh and I also sold my poster featured in the show and apparently I had sold a bunch of posters at the Manifest Hope official store. That was good news but I decided to donate my sales back to the Obama campaign and back to benefit the cost of putting on the show. I will be selling the remainder of the posters, signed and numbered on the site soon though for about 75% less than what they are selling them for at Manifest Hope.

I will do a full image posting about the show later this week.

Life is crazy.

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