Oliver Hibert

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I have mentioned Oliver Hibert and his artwork either on this current version of the blog or a prior one but I was recently reminded of his work while flipping through some random art/design publication and felt like I should mention him once again. He has some really great new work on his site since I last checked in, including the sculpture above. If you are unacquainted, you should definitely pick up on what he is laying down.

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Trippin Balls Over Oliver Hibert

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Oliver Hibert was born in 1983 near Seattle, Wa. He is a totally self taught artist and has been painting since he was all but 15. By the time he had reached the legally cigarette buying tender age of 18, he had already shown in numerous galleries. By age 20 he was only one year shy of downing a cold one and had shown his paintings in two different museums in Arizona. According to the last known report he now resides near Phoenix, Az. with his girlfriend and his living collection of 1,000 albino peacocks.

Oh crap, that peyote just made me throw up.

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