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Candace & Benjamin sent me a nice email this morning letting me know about their work at Pillowhead. I really liked what I saw. They have created some dense illustrations that bridge the analog versus digital divide.

Here is the copy from their about section: “Pillowhead is a visionary team comprised of Benjamin Robert Stottlemyer and Candace Renee Ponton. Our skills consist of, but are not limited to, art direction, advertising, elaborate illustrations, editorial, fashion, and digital design. By constantly evolving and adapting we have developed a very diverse, yet entirely unique style of visual media. Our works have been featured in art exhibitions, glossy magazines, album art, apparel and accessories, as well as commercials. Whether it’s work for the aspiring artist in the burgeoning stages of their career, or corporate work of the largest degree,we take your
original idea and transform it into something that pushes boundaries while retaining mass appeal.”

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