Danny Yount – Semi-Permanent 2011

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Motion designer/director Danny Yount spoke recently at the Semi-Permanent event in Hong Kong about producing motion design for Hollywood, and what it takes to break into the close-knit world of Hollywood as a motion designer. Danny is someone we really look up to and I know we are not alone in our respect for him when it comes to what he has achieved in recent years as a motionographer.

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SP Speaker – Jasper Goodall

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Illustrator Jasper Goodall sat down for a moment during the Sydney leg of the Semi-Permanent event this year to talk about his work, his inspirations and his experience. He will also be speaking at the Brisbane Semi-Permanent event in early June.

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Guilherme Marconi

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Guilherme Marconi

Caught up with Guilherme Marconi’s work in the new Semi Permanent 2008 book, and I have to say it was only a teaser of the accompanying url. Very fascinating and consistent collection of work.

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