Rolex Saves Owen Wilson?

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The website Melrose Jewelers is attempting to somehow suggest that Owen Wilson’s Rolex watch had something to do with helping him recover from attempting to take his own life. It has to be one of the most despicable and disgusting things ever suggested in the name of promotional advertising on the internet. Owen Wilson might be famous, but he is also a human being and deserves some respect. Pure and disgusting exploitation at the expense of another human being. Please go to Melrose Jewelers website and leave a comment telling them they should be ashamed.

I try to refrain from posting too many negative posts here but this really grabbed my attention and just flat out appalled me. How could people sink so very low and think it is a good idea. Absolutely disgusting and downright sad. Someones fame and success doesn’t excuse such shameless unabashed exploitation. Period.

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