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We are currently experiencing intermittent disruptions to our server because of a problem with our hosting. Apparently the problem is being addressed and should be corrected by tomorrow morning at the latest. We will finally be moving Changethethought to a dedicated server after this issue is resolved. On behalf of both myself and my studio, I am very sorry to both the readers and our clients. There is currently nothing we can do other than wait for our host at Onewebhosting to fix the issue. Apologies again and we should be back online and in full effect shortly with more content funneling into your RSS.

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Ctt Technical Difficulties

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I want to personally apologize for the site misbehaving periodically for the last couple of weeks. The current traffic numbers have become to high for my host to handle under my current plan and consequently they have been shutting me down until I upgrade. Unfortunately the cost is now about 5 times higher now than when I started the site and I am looking for a better host. Currently the site is averaging around 200GB of exchange/bandwidth a month and growing each and every month. My current plan allowed for 20GB.

So the conundrum arises. I am now on the market for a new host. Changethethought has grown enormously over the last year and is now reaching a very large audience. So I need a host who can handle a growing site and would be interested in potentially marketing their services through the site. I have tried hard to keep the site ‘ad free’ but the expense of running it is starting to worry my wife and I. I didn’t really realize just how crazy this was going to get. Good problem to have I guess but now I have to find a new way to handle it. Any and all suggestions welcome and thank you for visiting. New and better things are on the horizon.

I am currently considering Media Temple but am still not sure.

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