Paper Planes Dropped From Space

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This is another story that was too interesting to be ignored. Japanese scientists have developed something they are calling ‘hyper-paper’ that they plan on dropping from the International Space Station to Earth. The most interesting aspect of the story to me is the paper. It’s apparently heat resistant up to 200 celsius, oil resistant and water resistant. They are interested in possibly using this ‘hyper-paper’ in future spacecrafts and aircrafts as it is super lightweight and extremely durable. Some have even mused that it is really just a covert operation to further the development of lightweight military aircraft that will be untraceable by radar.

So my first question as a design nerd was, ‘will they mass produce it so people could potentially print on it?’ How about a poster or print that would last forever and wouldn’t be damaged by water or heat? I’d throw down some cash for something like that.

You can read more about the paper planes in space here.

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